Films About Love

Love stories told with love

I love to tell stories and I love LOVE, so what better than to capture such a special day for couples that are committed to each other. My approach is to make it as natural as possible, capturing every human moment during the day and all the things that reflect the love story behind the couples.

What kind of film can you expect?

I work making highlight films of the special day, arranging and editing all the images and audio captured during the day into short films that encapsulate the important, the crazy, the happy, the sad – the reasons why you decided to have such a big day in the first place.

Have a look at this wedding I filmed in Belgium!

Every wedding is as different to each other as we human beings are.
This example will give you an idea of the feeling of the films I make but your film will be unique.

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If you are not sure about investing in a wedding video, my simple advice is to talk to couples who did and didn’t include videography as a part of their big day. 

You may find a missed opportunity from those who didn’t and a cherished memory for those who did. 

I understand that certain things at weddings are simply out of budget or not accounted for. But I know that what I create is a timeless piece of art, something that will last forever.

So, how much do my film will cost?

Well, that will depend on your needs and desires for your film. From basic highlight films to drone footage, it can all be discussed.


Prices start at:

Highlight Film

£ 1500
  • Call or video call prior to the wedding
  • 5 - 7 Minute cinematic highlight film
  • 1 Camera
  • 10 Hours Coverage
  • Captured In Full 4K

“Hey Santi, what happens if I want a short trailer for friends and family? Or the full ceremony recorded? Or…”

Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. You can choose any enhancements from the list to make sure the film is made to your requirements and you don’t miss anything important from your day.

  • Insta Trailer £150

    1 -2 minute trailer of your film.

  • Full Recording Of The Ceremony (Separate Film) £200

    I'll record the entirety of the ceremony and send a separate video film.

  • Speech Edits £100 (per speech)

    I'll record the entirety of the speeches and send a separate video of the speeches you select.

  • Additional Filmmaker £300

    I'll bring another filmmaker with me to make sure we capture EVERYTHING!

  • Raw Footage £500

    I'll send you (via flash drive) all the footage that I filmed during the day so you have it forever with you.

  • Drone footage £300

    Drone Footage (Location & Weather Permitting). Not charged if impossible to film.

Let me tell your story

The process.


Before the big day, I spend time getting to know you and your story as a couple.

My goal in your wedding is not only to capture the day, but to make you feel completely comfortable while I am doing it.

Learning about you both and understanding your vision for your wedding day enables me to capture the details most important to you and produce a film that feels truly yours.

On the day

My approach is discreet, I’m there to enhance your day and make sure everyone feels relaxed on film.

To fully capture key moments such as the ceremony and speeches, I’ll ask those speaking to wear a small lapel mic. No one will notice, but it enables me to record clear audio of the words spoken and authentically weave them into your final film.

For most of the day, I shoot things as they naturally unfold.

Cutting the film

You will notice my films are not all the same, because none of my couples are the same.

I’m here to honour and listen to the experiences you have gone through to get you where you are today and to help you translate them into a digital film that shows your passion, your love and the commitment you are about to embrace together.

I am a musician and singer myself and that makes me really picky when it comes to music, I only choose what I believe fits the couple and the feeling of each film. The music I choose is always from a premium supplier and will never feel tacky or predictable.

How is it to work with me?

I tell all kind of stories, from wedding days to artist making processes, life story documentaries and much more. Here you can see what people have to say.