Melo Lamp
Short Art Film / DocuFilm

I created this short film for my dear friend and artist Catalin Filip or Filip as known by everyone. He is an architect now entering a new adventure in his life. He confessed to me (and I’ve seen it with my own eyes) that he’s always liked to build and make things with his hands since he was young, that is probably why he went to train as an architect. Filip likes to make things that he knows where they come from, that is how he ended up designing this amazing lamp (Melo), made with very low impact materials plus a great artistic touch, his personal touch, that part of yourself that stays in everything that you make with love. I hope I did the same with this video and some of my love shows in it, for telling Filip’s story has been a pleasure, both the process and the results. The music has been composed by the lovely Lucie Treacher, I know she also put a lot of love and care into it!

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