Life on a Boat
A story about love and alternative ways of living in London Waterways.

I met Filip at my workspace (Lydian workspace), where we work and I’m part of the management team. I remember that, from the first day, Filip was encouraging everyone to stop using plastic products. Every time I bought something wrapped in plastic he was there, looking at me, laughing and saying … plastic!

One day he said, I bought a boat! I was shocked, he bought this old boat and refurbished it all with his own two hands. I feel as
though I should state that he works as an architect but nonetheless a house is not a boat. In the process of refurbishing his floating house, he met Lucie, a creative and musician with a passion for life on the water. Years passed and I used to visit them from time to time on their boat (Isla). They are such a lovely couple and human beings, their joy and humility you can feel from afar. Nature lovers, being good to the environment and living in an alternative way are part of their life core values.

As I was thinking on moving out of London in my own search for an alternative way of living, they told me they were moving to Spain (where I’m originally from), and I couldn’t let them leave without capturing and sharing their character and their way of living with the world. So, also driven by my own curiosity on living in alternative ways, I talked to them and I embarked on the mission of making this film.

My main purpose with this movie was to learn about their experience and ins and outs of living on a boat in London, to share their story with the world and to capture them and their relationship, as a goodbye or a see you later present before they went onto their next adventure in a different country.

It was beautiful to film and edit this little portrait/interview/documentary/love letter to Filip and Lucie. I hope the love I have for them stays reflected in it and that people can have a glimpse on how it is possible to live in alternative ways, closer to nature and in a more ecological way, even inside big cities such as London.

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