Do you have a purpose and passion for what you do?

Is your work a direct consequence of your values and the way you live and see the world?

Do you struggle to express your purpose in a way that others can connect with your passion and understand the reason why you do what you do?

Your story is much more than just a marketing tool, it is an honest and powerful way to connect with people, when you speak from your purpose you are calling in all those people that will feel connected to your story and that might be in need of your service.

Have a look at the trailer of the documentary I made for Dan Cossins White's story about his business White Line Coaching.

How is it to work with me?

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What is your story?

I’m here in service to honour and listen to the experiences you have gone through to get you where you are today and to help you translate them into a digital story (film, web, brand image) that shows and keeps the meaning, the passion and the purpose of it all, whilst drawing and bringing new perspectives into it in the process.

I can turn your story into


Whether it is a documentary film or a silent art video, film is a great way to express your purpose and connect with people.


Nowadays this is a fundamental way to connect with people. It is one of the first things that people will ask of you. Do you have a website?


A brand image that reflects your values and purpose will bring you a higher level of confidence and people will be able to recognise it instantly.

About me

I’ve always been passionate about art, film, music and spiritual matters. For a long time I had the idea that all those things were disconnected from each other and so I spent a long time going from one to another, trying different things and debating what was what I wanted to do in life, then life came and told me a different story, everything I thought I was crumbled before my very eyes, it was then when I saw myself for the first time and I decided to love myself for what I am and not for what I thought I had to be or I wanted to be. And so I started to find meaning on the way, I found people that had walked their own road and that were helping people like me on their way to growth, change and healing. It was thanks to those people and to the commitment I had with myself that I realised that everything is connected, that we all have a bigger purpose and that I need to honour myself and help others on the way. 

Then all those things that I thought were disconnected came together as I had a bigger purpose, helping people telling their stories.

I can help you revisit all those places that brought you to this very moment, turning them into a portrait of sorts, a manifesto of all that you stand for and are in service of. The way I do that is in the form of films, documentary, portrait video, digital poetry, graphic design, websites, however you want to call it, as it is my passion and because we live in a digital world, this is a powerful medium to communicate and connect to others.

Stories can help us remember who we are and what is our purpose in the world. Any story that is authentic, honest and has a sense of service to others, to leave the world a more beautiful place than we found it, I’m in! 


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Do you have a story to tell?

I’m Looking forward to listening to it!